We want to hear your story

We've shared some Gaelorious stories with you. Now we want to hear yours! Short or long, old or new, all stories are welcome. We welcome written stories, photo essays, video clips, voicemail and even text messages. What are you waiting for?


Oh, you need to know how to share your story with us? We've tried to make it as easy as pie for you to get in touch with us. Here are some of the ways you can send us your Gael tales.

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Use our form

Fill out our form and attach photos to your submission (if you have any). We'll work our web magic and get your story online.

Submit a story using the form

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Send an email

Send us your stories, email us your photos, even share a cell phone video with us. We'll do the tech work on the backend and publish your story for you.


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By phone

We've set up a voicemail box ready to listen to your Gaeltastic stories. Maybe hum us a few bars of The Bells of "Saint Mary's"? Or you can send your (shorter) stories via text message.

Call or text us at 925-709-4235.

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Sending us video

If you prefer to tell your story on video, or if you have some great footage of your time on campus, there are a few ways to get your clips to us:


Upload your video to YouTube. You'll need a Google account. Never used YouTube before? They have step-by-step instructions online.

Send it from your mobile device

Use the camera on your smartphone or tablet computer to record your Saint Mary's memories. For best results, make sure to hold your phone horizontally. Then, share your video to phonebooth@stmarys-ca.edu. If you're sending directly from a mobile device, be sure to tell us your name and the year you graduated.


You can email your video clips directly to phonebooth@stmarys-ca.edu. Often video clips are too big for email, but this should work for shorter videos.

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Sending us photos

If you have photos to send with your story, or photos that are a story unto themselves, there are a few ways to get your snaps to us:

The form above

Fill out the form above and upload your photos to our webserver.

URL to an image hosting site

Already using Flickr or another site to post your images online? Send us the URL and we can download the photos.

Send them from your mobile device

If your photos are on your smartphone or tablet computer, you can share them to us at phonebooth@stmarys-ca.edu.


You can also email your photos to phonebooth@stmarys-ca.edu.